Roderick Hibberd

Graduate Student
HSSB 4043


I’m coming to California from London, having finished my undergraduate degree in Classics at Cambridge. So far, my interests have broadly centred around Greek and Roman literature, with a bit of art and archaeology thrown in for good measure. My final-year thesis was on Lucan’s book 9–specifically, Cato’s march through Libya and the strange chaos that meets him on Lucan’s post-apocalyptic battleground away from Rome. In my time at UCSB, I’d like to continue looking at Lucan and epic more generally, while developing a wider awareness of the political baggage, responsibilities, and opportunities carried by Classics as a discipline. What drew me to UCSB was the open- and progressively-minded faculty with its specific focus on ancient fiction, which I hope to explore in part through the lens of queer theory. I look froward to my time here!